The Apiago beehive , new product, unique product.
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The Apiago hive is designed so that it requires no knowledge about bees .
In addition, a network of beekeepers is at your service to answer your questions or help you in the event of a problem.
This beehive is particularly suitable for novices in the world of bees .
A traditional beehive is placed on the ground. This can then actually present a risk to uninformed people.
The Apiago hive is located several meters high and when they forage, bees are not aggressive .
You will have more bees around your home but none will disturb you, nor sting you. In addition, bees are not attracted to what is on your table (unlike some wasps)
No, bees do not behave the same as hornets.
The Apiago beehive is designed in such a way that it is completely autonomous on the basic actions necessary for the good health of the bees . If it needs treatments against diseases to ensure the survival of your hive, these will be automatically advised on the associated application.
It won't take you more than 10 minutes then.
The Apiago hive makes it possible, like traditional hives, to remove the frames left by the disappeared colony and to replace them with new ones, with a new swarm.
The disinfection of the hive is… automatic ;-)
And because we don't like designs developed for the forced sale of specific products, the Apiago hive allows the use of standard frames . Thus, you can buy a swarm at classic cost (between 100 and 170 € on average) by your own means or via our site (we do not make any profit on the sale of the swarm and are developing a network of partner beekeepers).
In the first year of a swarm's life, the honey your bees produce is reserved for them because it is used to survive during times of the year when flowers are scarce. In the future, it will be possible to add (as on a classic hive) an additionnal element which will allow you to harvest the surplus honey they produce... but for the moment this is not the main goal of the Apiago hive.
Our beehive is unique and patented.
We are the only ones to offer you a beehive suitable for the general public, requiring no prior knowledge of beekeeping and which can be easily installed in your home. ,
The Apiago beehive is only produced with quality components and materials, designed to last.
The Apiago beehive is designed so that all components can be replaced simply and at a reasonable price ... such as you, we don't like having to buy a new product when a small repair is enough.
There is no compulsory subscription and you will always benefit from free updates of the dedicated application.
We provide responsive, high-quality after-sales service.
With your purchase, you are contributing to preservation of bees and biodiversity . Your purchase also benefits the Raspberry Foundation, which facilitates access to computers for the most disadvantaged worldwide and develops education.